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Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Alarm Kit 3 (Version 11)

This kit is suitable for a 3-4 bedroom house, If you have a larger property you have the option to purchase additional sensors.

The Pyronix Enforcer wireless alarm system combines cutting edge technology and ease of use with a wide range of accessories to make one of the most advanced and comprehensive alarm systems available today.

The alarm system can be expanded with a wide range of sensors and detectors for physical and environmental detection all of which feature advanced encrypted wireless technology and a long 2 year battery life. 

At the core of the system is the enforcer V11 panel which includes a built-in WiFi module for easy connection to the Pyronix cloud and WPS functionality that enable new devices to be connected quickly and easily. Connection to the Pyronix cloud enables notifications and control of your alarm using the excellent ProControl+ app. The app also allows you to add Pyronix WiFi cameras or monitor your Hikvision CCTV recorder all in one place for a complete and easy to use security solution.


Whats Included in the Pyronix Enforcer Kit 3?


1 x Enforcer V11 wireless alarm panel


4 x KX10DP-WE wireless pet immune detectors


1 x MC1MINI wireless door or window contact


1 x wireless bell box module with battery


The Pyronix Enforcer kit 3 is an ideal starting point for larger wireless alarm systems and represents a saving of over 30% off the individual selling price of the parts included. 

The kit includes a wireless magnetic door contact and 4 x pet immune wireless motion sensors that use secure blue wave wireless technology and have a long 2 year battery life. Also included is a master V11 control panel with a built-in WiFi communication module and a wireless bell box module.


Easily Control your Pyronix Alarm System

The master control panel features a built-in keypad that can be used for programming and arming / disarming your alarm. Alternatively you can add remote keyfobs, a remote keypad or use the ProControl+ app for controlling your alarm system.

** Home security - This system will require WIFI to operate, if you do not have WIFI we can install a GSM system at an additional cost. Contact us for more details **

Pyronix Enforcer Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit 3 V11


You can self or install, or we can install the system for you. If you choose for Eternity to install the appointment booking system will be offered after checkout.

Additional Sensors

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